For our planet


We believe in living life to the fullest while making sure we are protecting the earth for future generations. Our love for this land guides us to put sustainability at the forefront of all that we do, taking care to preserve our resources so they last well into the future.

Our sustainability


We are committed to building a sustainable business model that ensures our future, respects our people and protects our environment and critical natural resources. We continue to work toward our goals to grow grapes sustainably, use resources efficiently, and reach zero carbon emissions, while ensuring our people and communities are thriving.


What we are doing

  • In 1997 Villa Maria was a founding member of Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand and our vineyards and wineries are Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand certified.
  • Our bottles are made from an average of 67% recycled glass, using less energy and carbon emissions to produce.
  • As members of the New Zealand Glass Packaging Forum, we work hard so that our consumers can recycle their bottles. Every tonne of glass recycled saves approx. 670 kg of CO2 compared to using raw materials.
  • In 2023 we partnered with New Zealand Ethical Employers to ensure best practice ethical employment standards so that people thrive at work, with a focus on improving the experience of RSE workers.
  • From 2024, a selection of our wines will be shipped in tanks to be bottled in the UK. This change will reduce our carbon emissions for shipping and glass by 27%.

Looking after our

People First

  • We believe we have a responsibility for everyone who works with us, whether they are directly employed or not and we work with providers who share our standards and values.
  • Young people are our future, we like to help them on their pathway to employment. We host study visits from local high schools to overseas universities, engaging students in topics such as viticulture, sustainability, quality assurance and innovation.
  • We support local initiatives in our markets that educate consumers about safe and responsible consumption to help people make informed choices, including “Cheers!” (New Zealand), and “DrinkWise” (Australia).

Flavour as nature intended