Attorney Pinot Noir Rosé
Single Vineyard | Marlborough
Attorney Pinot Noir Rosé
Vintage 2022 
The Attorney vineyard is situated on north-facing foothills in the Southern Valleys sub-region of Marlborough. The deep clay soils retain moisture and provide perfect conditions to apply organic farming principles. The Pinot Noir Rose it produces is fragrant and inviting with seductive flavours of ripe raspberry and juicy watermelon with a delicate texture.
The Marlborough growing season started off well with very little frost pressure during spring. Flowering went without a glitch, due healthy soil moisture levels the canopies looked lush and vibrant. The start of 2022 summer was slightly colder; February was below the long-term average in temperature however the weather settled with a slightly damp autumn.
The Attorney Vineyard is situated in the Southern Valleys sub-region of Marlborough, on a northern facing block on the dry foothills of the Wairau Valley. This sub-region receives minimal rainfall in the growing season and its deep clay soils provide perfect conditions to apply organic farming principles.

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Juicy and delicious

Tasting notes

  • Strawberry
  • Red Cherry
  • Herbs

This wine has aromas of bright red cherries intermingled with delicate rose petals and fresh culinary herbs. The palate is bursting with ripe strawberries with a creamy texture on the finish.

Pairing suggestions

How to enjoy our Rosé

  • Seafood
  • Shellfish
  • Soft Cheeses

Best served chilled and enjoyed on warm summer days with fresh alfresco fare. Particularly perfect with smoked salmon and seafood.


Best served at: 8 °C / 46 °F

Notes of honeysuckle, apricot, strawberry and watermelon.



Recipe pairing

Burrata and Mortadella Pizza

Aromatic, salty and decadent, this delicious Burrata and Mortadella Pizza will be a hit at your next get together, or the perfect pairing for a soulful night in. Match it with our vibrant and fruity Rosé and you have a recipe you’ll return to time and time again.



Unlike Pinot Gris or Pinot Noir, Rosé is not a grape variety. No matter how many vineyards you explore, you will never find a pink grape. Rosé is made in a similar way to red wine, grown from red wine grapes but with less time to ferment with the grape skins. This gives Rosé its recognisable pink colouring and a much-loved lighter, crisper flavour.

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