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Our favourite festive pairings

Published 13 February 2024

We have some fantastic recommendations to make it easy to impress your guests with the perfect wine pairing. 

A table decked with delicious food is the centrepiece of every holiday celebration.

We have some fantastic recommendations to make it easy to impress your guests with the perfect wine pairing.  From zesty Sauvignon Blanc bringing out the subtle flavours in a perfectly roasted chicken, to fruity Pinot Noir bringing out the earthy flavours in any mushroom dish, these pairings ideas will elevate your event and spread the holiday cheer. 

Start your celebration

Sparkling Cuvée Brut

Start your celebration off with our stunning Sparkling Cuvée Brut Crisp and refreshing with subtle brioche notes, it makes the perfect aperitifTruly delicious and a great accompaniment to any pre-dinner snacks. 

Bring a little zest

Sauvignon Blanc

Bring a little zest to your holiday celebrations with the flavours of citrus, lemon grass and passionfruit found in our Private Bin Sauvignon Blanc. The most versatile wine to pair, a glass of Sauvignon Blanc will enhance subtle flavours, cut through rich dishes, and elevate fresh seafood.


Pairing suggestions: 


  • Roast chicken/turkey: this crispness of this wine cuts through the savoury richness in this dish without overpowering the flavours.  
  • Seafood canapes: smoked salmon, shrimp cocktail, or oysters, whatever seafood canape you’re thinking of serving will benefit from the acidity of our Sauvignon Blanc, allowing the seafood to shine. 
  • Goat cheese: Whether on a charcuterie board or in a salad, goat cheese and Sauvignon Blanc is a match made in food-and-wine heaven and will help bring out the earthy flavours in this stunning cheese.

Ripe cherry

Pinot Noir

Our Private Bin Pinot Noir captures the essence of Marlborough’s cool-climate terroir perfectly, showcasing aroma and flavours of ripe cherry, wild berries and subtle spice, delivered on a rich palate of silky tannin and soft textures. This wine goes beautifully with a range of roasted vegetable and meat dishes, making it a classic choice for hearty Christmas meals. 


Pairing suggestions: 


  • Roast lamb: Pinot Noir with herb-crusted roasted lamb is a classic combination that allows the acidity and fruit notes in Pinot Noir to enhance and bring out the rich earthiness in the lamb. 
  • Mushrooms: Whether in stuffing, risotto or as a main course, the earthiness of mushrooms pairs beautifully with this style of red. The fruit forward flavours in our Pinot Noir will add a touch of freshness to mushrooms that make the rich flavours shine. 
  • Cranberry sauce: It’s not Christmas without cranberry sauce – the tartness of this side is a lovely balance to the fruit notes of a delicious Pinot Noir. 

Fresh and fun


A fresh and fun Rosé that jumps from the glass with aromas of strawberry, pink grapefruit and delicate florals, our Private Bin Rosé is loaded with flavour that leads to a crisp and refreshing finish. This wine pairs wonderfully with some of the lighter dishes we enjoy in the holiday season. 


Pairing suggestions:


  • Glazed Ham: The fruitiness of this wine is a lovely match with a glazed ham that brings out the savoury flavours and adds the perfect umami flavour to the ham. 
  • Cheeseboard: Rosé is ideal to have in hand when you’re grazing from a cheeseboard, pairing particularly well with soft cheese such as Brie, the fruitiness and minerality in the wine creates a humble contrast to the creaminess in the cheese. 
  • Something spicy: The slight sweetness in this rosé is a great match if you’re leaning towards a hot dish this season, each bringing out and enhancing the subtle flavours in each other to create a meal that packs a punch. 

Fruit forward


A pristine, fruit forward expression of Chardonnay with aromas of ripe orchid fruit, citrus blossom and subtle hints of dried fig, Private Bin East Coast Chardonnay is very versatile when it comes to food pairing. A medium-bodied style, this wine pairs well with the richer foods we love at this time of year. 


Pairing suggestions:


  • Creamy dishes: Creamy mashed potatoes, cream-heavy gratins or cream-based pasta sauces are elevated by the delicate oak in this Chardonnay, creating a complex and creamy meal that is truly delicious. 
  • Roasted pork: Whether roasted or grilled on the BBQ, chardonnay complements the subtle flavours of pork, especially when prepared with herbs or creamy sauces. 
  • Antipasto platter: This versatile wine is a great option to pair with a variety of meats, seafood, vegetables and cheeses on a platter. The oak flavours in this fantastic wine will add depth and complexity to any food and pair beautifully with cured meats.